Texas Navy SEALs

I’m a huge fan of Julie Ann Walker’s books and was overjoyed this morning when I received an email from my Editor with a couple of notes Julie wrote about my new book, A SEAL Never Quits! “Fierce, fast, and full of alpha hero goodness. More, please!” Julie wrote. I’m so excited! Seven weeks from today it’s going to be available. It’s available for preorder now.


Beautiful Country

Last night we were serenaded by coyotes yipping and yapping, bulls calling to the heifers in heat in a different pasture, and the hum and buzz of summer insects. Absolutely love my #ranchlife in South Texas!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not about bar-b-ques and the beginning of summer. It is a chance for us to honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice as soldiers. Please take a moment to remember the lives that have been lost in the pursuit of freedom and justice for all. To our fallen soliders–we will never forget.

A SEAL Never Quits

You can pre-order A SEAL Never Quits (officially available July 30th, 2019) now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Wal-mart. So exciting! Here’s the back cover: First in a thrilling romantic suspense series featuring a band of do-or-die Navy SEALs in Texas
A SEAL is ready for anything…except losing his heart…
Lieutenant Amador “Stryker” Salas and his tight-knit Navy SEAL team are undercover on a Texas ranch and tasked with covert ops across the border. It’s an assignment that requires all their skills, all their secrets, and all their know-how. 
Anya Gutierrez, the local veterinarian, has been serving the ranch for years. She loves the animals and ranching life, and Stryker finds her a breath of fresh air in his otherwise rigidly disciplined existence.
When Anya gets caught in the crosshairs of a mission gone sideways, Stryker must tell her the truth about who he really is, risking everything to keep her out of harm’s way, even if it destroys him…

Texas SEALs Novella

Dog Tags ~There are dog tags in this picture?!?  LOL Jackson “Jax” Reyes has fought hard to achieve his dream of becoming an elite Navy Seal and embraces every mission with passion. When his latest mission with a new team brings him face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart as a teenager, he tries to forget the pain and focus on getting her out of a dangerous hostage situation in Colombia. Thrown together in impossible circumstances, they learn the past holds painful secrets, and she must convince him she is worth the risk to his heart one final time.

On Wednesday my Publisher asked if I would write a Novella about the Texas SEALs team on a special mission, bringing in someone new to the team. This Novella will be used to market the launch of the Texas SEALs series, and should be available in May or June. I just finished writing it today and am super excited about it! At the end of the Novella should be a sneak peek at the first full-length book in the Texas SEALs series. Following the leader of the team, Stryker, and the woman who quickly captivates his interest, the Romantic Suspense novel is full of mystery, international intrigue, and passion.

Be on the look-out for the Novella in May or June (I’ll give you the date once it is locked in), and the first in the full-length series, debuting July 30th, 2019.

Writing With Voices in Your Head

Image result for Love I used to think that writing romance would be easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong! A romance novel not only has to have all the elements of other novels, i.e. a strong plot, mystery or suspense, struggles, drama, as well as much more, PLUS the added level of a love story woven intricately into the fabric of the entire novel. A Romance novel has to be so strong, that if you remove the romance, it is like the main stitch has been pulled from a rug and it all begins to unravel. With my Navy SEAL books well in hand, I’ve started writing a few books that will constitute another couple of series. As I write, I’m struck by how difficult it is to remain true to the book without getting sidetracked by a character’s actions or lack of action. When you hear people say that their characters wrote the book, it is so true! The voices in my head are constant, and they all have something different to say, and quite frequently I argue with said voices to get them to behave and do what I want them to do. Far too often the voices win, and in the end I realize it was their story to tell in the first place and I’m just a vessel to carry the information. I’m off to do more writing. Stay true to yourself and listen to the voices–sometimes they have some really great ideas!

Navy SEALs

5d4dd6206d2b0d647c8b94ca84b7b11a Writing stories about the United States Navy SEALs has required a lot of research into the training and life of these talented soldiers. I’ve always had a deep respect for the military, and this has only strengthened it. My father fought in Vietnam and went on to become Captain in the United States Army Rangers. As you may know, the Rangers are also considered elite operatives and take on threats all over the world. I just finished writing the sixth book in my Texas SEALs series, and am about to start book seven. Each books follows the life of one SEAL and his unique struggles to find and accept love. With all of the books, the extreme bond of brotherhood between all of the SEALs helps them get through tricky situations, both in their missions and in their personal life. The first book in the Texas Navy SEALs series will be out at the end of July. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Texas Football Season

football As the summer comes to a close, a new Football Season begins. If you live in Texas or are familiar with Texas, you know that Football is a big thing for us. My son plays High School football and loves his position as a nose tackle. Basically, he just loves being able to tackle anyone, especially the quarterback on the opposing team when his hands are still on the ball. It is a ritual in our house that every year when the NFL Season starts, I make a big batch of Armadillo Eggs, a special, spicy treat that my family (and my son’s coaches) love. I’ll share the recipe in a different post soon, but it is essentially sausage, jalapeños, and cheese baked together to form a crispy outer crust and a gooey center. Do you have any special rituals to kick-off football season in your home?

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