Writing With Voices in Your Head

Image result for Love I used to think that writing romance would be easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong! A romance novel not only has to have all the elements of other novels, i.e. a strong plot, mystery or suspense, struggles, drama, as well as much more, PLUS the added level of a love story woven intricately into the fabric of the entire novel. A Romance novel has to be so strong, that if you remove the romance, it is like the main stitch has been pulled from a rug and it all begins to unravel. With my Navy SEAL books well in hand, I’ve started writing a few books that will constitute another couple of series. As I write, I’m struck by how difficult it is to remain true to the book without getting sidetracked by a character’s actions or lack of action. When you hear people say that their characters wrote the book, it is so true! The voices in my head are constant, and they all have something different to say, and quite frequently I argue with said voices to get them to behave and do what I want them to do. Far too often the voices win, and in the end I realize it was their story to tell in the first place and I’m just a vessel to carry the information. I’m off to do more writing. Stay true to yourself and listen to the voices–sometimes they have some really great ideas!

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