Navy SEALs

5d4dd6206d2b0d647c8b94ca84b7b11a¬†Writing stories about the United States Navy SEALs has required a lot of research into the training and life of these talented soldiers. I’ve always had a deep respect for the military, and this has only strengthened it. My father fought in Vietnam and went on to become Captain in the United States Army Rangers. As you may know, the Rangers are also considered elite operatives and take on threats all over the world. I just finished writing the sixth book in my Texas SEALs series, and am about to start book seven. Each books follows the life of one SEAL and his unique struggles to find and accept love. With all of the books, the extreme bond of brotherhood between all of the SEALs helps them get through tricky situations, both in their missions and in their personal life. The first book in the Texas Navy SEALs series will be out at the end of July. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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