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Wild Wild Wild West

June 2, 20170

In 1821, Mexico encouraged settlement of the area now known as Texas to their neighbors in the United States. They offered land to any head of household, regardless of race or immigrant status. The opportunity to own land and venture into what was considered the Wild West, was extremely appealing to many people in the United States. Davy Crockett is famously known for saying “Y’all may all go to hell and I will go to Texas!”

However, in 1830, Mexico decided to stop allowing immigrants, and in 1832 the Mexican Government called for the enforcement of customs duties, something that upset both Tejanos and Anglos. By 1832, tensions had risen to the point that revolts were held. The first sparks of the Texas Revolution had started, and would soon turn into a fire that burned in the hearts and souls of men and women throughout the wild west that we now call “The Lone Star State.”

In the first book of the Texas Legacy Series, Texas Conquest, learn about how a determined Tejano woman and her sisters fight for the freedom of Texas, while battling her own desires for a man wearing the uniform of her enemy.

Texas Conquest will be available June 20th!