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Who says you have to be “proper?”

May 9, 20170

In “Texas Conquest,” Angie and Lorenzo had a lot of obstacles to overcome. One of the challenges revolved around the rules of “dating” back in that time frame. Lorenzo wanted to get to know Angie better, but in order to do that, he had to get the blessing of her Grandfather (her father was killed), and then meet her at a neutral place and go for a walk in the public eye.

Angie’s reputation would be tarnished if they were seen holding hands, getting to close to each other, or, Heaven forbid, kissing.

Lorenzo meets Angie at one of the beautiful fountains in the town, one similar to this. From there they go on their walk while there are many watchful eyes peeking out of the curtains in the buildings they passed.

Angie was allowed to be “escorted” by him and could place her arm lightly atop his, but without skin touching. As you read on, you’ll discover that Angie finds a way to break that rule.

“Texas Conquest” is full of encounters where proper behavior is tossed to the side!