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The Wheels on the Wagon go Round & Round…

May 8, 20170

Back in the 1830s, the main form of transportation was by horseback. But what if you needed to haul around more stuff than would fit in your saddlebags? Here comes the wagon to save the day! (Imagine I said that in a very dramatic voice). There were different types of wagons, and I will not bother you with descriptions of them (even though they are so cool!). In my novel, Texas Conquest, you meet the main character, Angie Torres, who is stubborn, determined, and doesn’t always think her plans through, leaving our hero, Lorenzo Valdez, plenty of chances to save her from doom. So why am I talking about Wagons? In the very first chapter, Angie has an exciting adventure with one. Check it out:http://tulepublishing.com/books/texas-conquest/#excerpt