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Texas Conquest is Now Available

June 22, 20170

“Texas Conquest,” the first book in the “Texas Legacy” series, is now out and available for purchase as either an ebook or in Paperback.

Join Angie Torres as she risks her life and everything she loves to be a spy for the Texian Army. It is a fateful day when her life is saved by a man that intrigues her, until she sees that he wears the uniform of the Mexican Army. She can’t give her love to the enemy!

But the soldier, Lorenzo Delgado Valdez has secrets, too. Secrets that could get him killed, and anyone around him. But he can’t seem to stay away from Angie, as she draws him in a way he has never felt before.

The Texian Army is camped on the other side of the San Antonio River, ready to strike at any moment on the town of San Antonio and capture the Alamo.

How will these enemies find a way to justify love? And how will they survive the brutal Texas Revolution?

“Texas Conquest” is available for purchase now. Get it today on Amazon and find the answers…



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