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Fall is in the Air!

September 2, 20170

Hello to all!

It may be September 1st, but we’re all still feeling the Texas Heat. My third book, Texas Heat, will be available September 19th and is all about the great Comanche war that was fought between the Texans & Comanches in 1840. In San Antonio in 1840, there was the Council House Fight, a meeting that was meant to be peaceful and ultimately turned into a massacre of the Indian Chiefs and several of their warriors that had come along with them. Even Indian women and children were killed in the chaos.

But the Comanche Indians had deceived the Texans and claimed that several of the hostages the Comanche had captured could not easily be returned. It just so happened that they returned multiple hostages after the massacre, proving they had been dishonest in the negotiations for peace.

After the fateful Council House Fight, the Comanche proclaimed war on the Texan settlers, and raided settlements and towns across East Texas then ran down the Texas coastline. There are famous pictures drawn of the Comanche in hats and carrying parasols….most of that happened after they raided a small shipping and warehouse town on the coast of Texas.

Learn more about Texas Heat…both the war in 1840, and the Heat between our two characters, Serena and Trevor, as they fight to save Texan lives and battle for the love that has blossomed between them.



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