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Can Love Survive War?

May 1, 20170

In Texas Conquest, coming out June 20th, Angie Torres is a headstrong woman determined to see Texas win independence from Mexico. She is so determined that she becomes a spy for the Texians, gathering information from the Mexican occupied San Antonio and carrying it across the river to the Texians who were camped on the other side. It was late fall, early winter in 1835, and the Mexicans occupied the Alamo, but the Texians were determined to change that.

But a Mexican soldier saves Angie from a terrible accident, and she is shocked to find she loves the feel of his arms around her and the safety she soaks in being near him. What’s worse–she’s attracted to him! The enemy!

Texas Conquest covers the incredible story of men and women determined to find their freedom, and Angie’s struggles with her heart over the handsome Mexican soldier that seems determined to win her heart–and the war.

Be sure to get Texas Conquest! You can pre-order it now for Kindle. It will also be available in Paperback form by June 20th.