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A River Runs Through It…

May 15, 20170

For thousands of years the San Antonio River has played a key role in the areas in and around present-day San Antonio. It is thought that Native Americans may have utilized the River as many as 11,000 years ago. It played a key role in “Texas Conquest,” and the Battle for the Alamo. In “Texas Conquest,” our heroine, Angie, risks her life to take valuable information to the Texians camped on the other side. Months later, after the Battle of the Alamo, it is rumored that the river ran red with the blood of the men who had died fighting. Today, the San Antonio Riverwalk is famous. With a beautiful paved path on both sides of the river, restaurants and gift shops abound, and the area is full of laughter and friendship. The River runs right through downtown, keeping it as the focal point and life of San Antonio.